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What is PicMa Studio? How can it help me?

PicMa Studio is your online photo-enhancing AI partner.
Based on leveraging state-of-the-art AI technologies, we provide you with top-notch photo enhancement and colouring effects, along with powerful portrait processing AI technologies for you to create unique selfies or restore your shabby old photos online. With only one click, your photo quality will be improved without losing its detail and nature.

What’s the difference between the PicMa mobile app and PicMa Studio?

PicMa Studio extends the functionality of PicMa in the browser and on the desktop - editing without transferring pictures from PC to smartphone.

Because PicMa Studio and the mobile PicMa app are developed separately and respond to different needs, there are some slight differences in settings and functions. Many additional features and editing possibilities will be added to PicMa Studio soon to improve your experience!

Also feel free to check out our mobile app - it's developed for iOS and Android devices and helps you enhance your phone's photos anytime, anywhere!

What’s an enhancement and how does it work?

PicMa Studio’s Enhance feature turns any photo into a masterpiece. It uses AI technology to sharpen the submitted media’s details, remove imperfections, and make it HD-quality.

Simply upload the photo you want to enhance, and PicMa Studio does the rest!

What is the colorization feature and how does it work?

The main principle is to use AI to colorize photos, turning black and white pictures into color in seconds.

How does scratch removal work?

The main principle of PicMa Studio's scratch removal function is to use artificial intelligence vision technology to analyze the image of the surface of the object, find out the location and depth of the scratch, and create an automatic repair process based on this information.

Can I see the history of my past enhancements?

Don't worry, for your information security, PicMa Studio will not store your data on our server. Therefore, there is no place on the website where you can access, edit, or record history.

How can I request a feature or send suggestions?

We are happy to receive your suggestions! You can send suggestions or request features by contacting our support team via our email: picma_support@magictiger.ai

Can I enhance more than one photo at a time?

Batch Enhancer is one of the latest features introduced by PicMa Studio. All you need is a subscription to unlock the tool and beautify up to 20 photos simultaneously.

Why is there such a difference between the enhancement of faces and surroundings?

This discrepancy is due to the fact that our AI relies on two different augmented models - depending on which elements it recognizes in the picture. We're working hard to improve our techniques and ensure stunning results for every element of your image! If you have more suggestions, please email to picma_support@magictiger.ai

If the above, still doesn't help you, please contact us via picma_support@magictiger.ai to get in touch with us.